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  • Professional Member of IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals)

  • AKC Canine Good CitizenEvaluator

  • AKC Trick Dog Evaluator

  • American Temperament Test Society - Provisional Tester

  • Paws For Love (Erie Co SPCA Therapy Dog Program)

  • Iron Island Working Dog Club

  • Schutzhund Club of Buffalo

  • Cane Corso Association of America

  • International Cane Corso Federation

  • Society in America for Cane Corso Italiano

  • Certified in First Aid for Dogs & Cats

Authorized Dealer E-Collar Technologies
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Ester Pullano



I have been training dogs for past 20 years. Since I started out with a Cane Corso who had a multitude of behavioral issues what made me get involved in dog training in first place, I felt for the underdog and spent many years working with shelter dogs helping to turn them into better candidates for adoption.
Later I found myself drawn to dog sports in competition field and in last 10 years I have put over 100 titles on my own dogs and dogs I have handled. I am actively training and competing in Obedience, Rally, IPO, APPDA, Barn Hunt, Scent work, Agility and Conformation. I am also volunteering with my Therapy Dogs in therapy work on regular basis.
Recently I have left my long time job as Veterinary Assistant to dedicate fully to dog training.
I believe that learning never ends, so I am constantly taking classes myself with many great trainers in our area and attend seminars and workshops on regular basis.

My own breed close to heart is Cane Corso which I have owned and competed with for past 20 years. I am a member of many breed and working dog clubs and also an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.


 My three Keys to Success:


I believe owning and living with dogs should always be enjoyable - for both sides. My goal is to help you to build a better, relationship with your dog based on trust, using training techniques that are FUN, respectful and that set out using clear boundaries that will lead to the harmonious life you and your dog want.

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