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Alexandra Whitford



Meet Alex Whitford, she has been working in the dog industry for ten years, and has been training professionally for three year now.


Not only has she been working in the dog industry but has been riding and showing horses since she was 8 years old.  Throughout college she worked in and around exotics, including multiple internships at the Buffalo Zoo and two Elephant Sanctuary’s in Florida and Arkansas.


Her true passion for working and training dogs started when she rescued her first catahoula leopard dog, Lila Blue, in 2015.  Since picking her up, Alex has been maneuvering her way thought the dog-training world practicing and perfecting everything from obedience, behavior modification and socialization.  


Most recently Alex and Lila have been dabbling into competition sports. Alex’s dream of running her own business was accomplished in January of 2018 when she founded River’s Edge Canine. 

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