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Kathleen Galbraith



I am a professional trainer, obedience instructor, and canine behavior expert with over twenty years of classroom teaching experience.  I have worked with animals throughout my entire life.  Although I (and my dogs) initially achieved a number of obedience, agility and conformation titles, I found my interests gravitating to helping dog owners achieve success in their own training journey.  

The early years were spent mostly training, then trialing in obedience and agility with my Rottweilers and German Shepherds, as well as conformation with my Rottweilers, and my Beauceron.  The transition into dog rescue was easy when I saw the vast need for homeless dogs to find homes.  I started out with Pitbull and Rottweiler rescue at first but quickly expanded to all breeds and mixes as the goal for each was the same.  Refining and honing my skills in dog behavior over the years has been a major interest for me.  Using these skills, along with my experience in training has helped many rescue groups and local shelters prepare dogs for adoption.  I have helped many adopters with training their new pets to become wonderful family members.  I developed a program for training that covers all the basic obedience exercises and modifications for resolving unwanted behaviors.  The program is geared toward benefiting a wide range of dogs, from the starter show dog to the adopted shelter dog to the newly acquired puppy or family companion.

It is my belief that training your dog should be a fulfilling experience that creates a strong bond and encourages you to seek out more enriching activities that can include your dog.   My training programs address common concerns and help clients and their families transform unruly pets into well-behaved canine companions.

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