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Conformation and Handling

Handling your dog is an exceptional and enjoyable experience. While training classes offer the best hands-on way to practice for the show ring, attending shows and observing your breed is also a great way to gain understanding of what judges and other competitors do.


In NKTC’s Conformation class, The following will be covered:
Holding the lead
Gaiting your dog correctly around the ring with other dogs present
Executing the various individual gaiting patterns called for by a judge
Presenting your dog to the judge
Hand stacking your dog (using your hands to place each of the dog's feet so that it stands in the desired position)
Standing your dog for the judge's examination
Baiting (how and when to use a treat to get your dog to perk up and stand at attention)
Free stacking (walking the dog into the desired position by use of bait and leash, without hands)

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