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Group Classes

Puppy Class 
The most critical time for your puppy's social development occurs before 5 months of age.  NKTC will help you get your young puppy off to the right start.
This class will help develop the confidence and social skills needed for your puppy to become a well adjusted adult. With our balanced approach to training, we will show you ways to socialize your puppy and provide you with methods to manage normal puppy behavior and prevent problems.  The basic foundation for good obedience starts here.

- Name and Attention Games
- Sit
- Down
- Come
- Walking on Leash
- Polite meeting and greeting of people and other dogs.

Using games and supervised play sessions your puppy will meet and interact with people and other puppies.  We'll answer all your questions about house training, biting and chewing, crate training, handling and grooming, socialization, nutrition, proper play techniques, and so much more!

Beginner Class 
An introduction to the basic manners and self control every dog needs to know.  The class will include some work on socialization, accepting handling, and meeting other people and dogs. Learn the fundamentals of balanced training techniques and effective canine communication to teach your dog:

- Attention
- Sit
- Down
- Wait
- Come when called
- Walking on Leash
- Polite Meeting and Greeting People
- Leave it
- Give and Take
- Marker words and Release Words

Learn how to be the owner and handler that your dog looks up to.   We will help you understand how dogs learn best so your training time is most effective. The goal is building a cooperative and trusting relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime.

Intermediate Class 
Taking your beginner obedience training skills to the next level where Duration, Distance, and Distraction are the main focus on your dog’s performance goals.  Setting up more challenging teamwork exercises with you and your classmates in order to progress your dog’s skillset.


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